Submit Your Work

Pix77.Com, providing quality pictures galleries to its visitors/readers/viewers, appreciates and offers a chance for you to send us your pictures or your work as an artist or photographer to make it available for world wide web thus creating more viewers and more fans.

What Should You Submit?

If you are a photographer or an artist or company you can submit us your pictures with or without their description. You can also send us link with it that we shall publish in the post as source.

What If I Submit My Pictures To Pix77.Com?

If you send us your pictures we shall publish them on ASAP basis if they are not already published in our picture galleries.

But those pictures should not be

  • Copyrighted to other person or company.
  • Pornographic (Nude Pictures of Male or Female).

How Many Pictures I Should Submit?

You must not submit less than 5 pictures. Because our post contains atleast 5 pictures.

What About My Copyrights?

We honor the copyrights of the content owner. That is why provide the source link within the post. By submitting your pictures you allow us to publish your pictures in Pix77.Com. Published Pictures in Pix77.Com are the property of their artists or owners.

We don’t and will never claim them as our property because Pix77.Com works as a showcase for the work of photographers, artists or companies.

If any other website is publishing our content, it is only allowed if they provide the source [ Pix77.Com ]  with it.

Is It Sure That All My Pictures Be Published?

No it is not sure that all your pictures be published because we care about our visitors. We will publish the content they like to view. So, all your pictures may or may not be published.

How To Submit?

Please send your pictures to admin[at] as an attachment with your details as photographer or artist or company.